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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RIP Angel Kitty :(

it is with a heavy heart, I write this post. angel kitty has passed away :(

ugh, this saddens me on so many levels.

you should know this was not my kitty, it was my sisters and her fathers BUT I've never looked at a cat photo before and felt such a connection and love for any animal. I am by no means an animal lover but Angel was always this plump little thing that I just felt such a connection to.

my sister had already moved out of her fathers house before Angel arrived but my thoughts go out to her dad because she said this was his little buddy. that when he made oatmeal every morning, Angel would purr and meow until he got her a bowl too.

this is the main reason why I never got a little furry friend of my own, they are gone too soon.

I believe if your animal is really a part of your family and that bond is there, you will see them in heaven waiting for you with all your other loved ones.

I'll miss my sister sending me texts of her fat cat as they lovingly referred to her, she was huge but she looked happy, even if my sister thought she was a little bitchy (fyi thats also the perfect way to describe my sissy) but this picture of the two of them melts my heart. my sisters love for animals just always left me speechless, I could never connect with an animal the way she would. and it just shows that even though they both have hard exteriors, their gentleness and ability to love is just all deep inside their hearts.

RIP ANGEL. the only kitty who has ever made me smile :) 




  2. ^ its a photo of cat in a shelter that looks like your sister's at least similar to her. I'm sorry for you and your sister's loss. I know how it feels to lose a loved pet. At least she's in kitty heaven :)

  3. awww this post made me cry as i am the biggest animal lover i own two yorkies and i don't want to even think of them ever leaving me. i love them like if they were my kids they sleep with my husband and i and i take them both every where just spoiled rotten.. so sorry for your loss my condolences go out to your sister...
    xo Judy~

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  5. you say you never have connection with an animal but i used to be like you but since i got my first cat it changes every thing in my live i think you should own a cat and you will love her like your own baby :)
    much love:HANAN

  6. This is so sad :( One of my cats passed away too almost a year ago, but still every time I think about him it breaks my heart all over again. I'm really sorry to hear that your little friend is gone.