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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi! I'm Trish :)

Wow. I'm a blogger now?! So weird. So easy! haha. I guess they'll give one of these to any monkey on the planet! Anyway! I'm really new at this whole blogging thing, I don't know what to blog about even. Do I just talk? I kind of just want an online diary, is that interesting?! you tell me. you all know I can be SO long winded on my twitter so I thought I'd start a blog, post fun pictures! just chat with you all. are these things interactive! what do you want to see???

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW ME - I'm Trish! I'm a youtuber by day and a superhero by night! I've been on lots of tv shows, you know, so you might know me from these....

oh and you know, I model on the side too! I'm the pipedream products' fetish fantasy lingerie plus model! I've also done stuff for popsi lingerie, hips and curves, etc!

thanks for checking out my first blog of the day!!! yes, I intend to blog multiple times throughout the day! so SUBSCRIBE?!? is that what you do on a blog?!?! haha or FOLLOW! maybe you follow a blog!??!

if there is a way to interact on these things, let me know what you wanna see cause for now I'm a just blog what I'm feeling! ha, total carrie bradshaw right now!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!



  1. you started your blogg on my birthdayyyy i love you trishhhh

  2. Can't wait to read your posts!!!

  3. You did a great job for your first blog girl! Looking forward to reading more!!! Keep it up!!

  4. Love this!! Great idea Trish!!! (: Online Diary's are AWESOME! (:

  5. I must admit that I don't really know also what to do on a blog =D follow?, subscribe? no Idea =D never mind, I'll follow you even in Hell Trish ^_^ so I'll be checking this blog as often as possible ;) PS: it's already the favorite of my web driver ^_^ lu youuuu

  6. This is going to be fun :D I love blogs!

  7. Been a fan of yours for years now, ever since you were a contestant on WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO and I'm still waiting breathlessly for the return of Ms. Limelight in her own summer blockbuster movie. Delighted to see you extending your online presence. Keep on doing what you're doing and above all, have fun doing it!

  8. So glad that you're blogging now I can't wait for more :)
    If you get the chance, I'd love you to check out mine! xx

  9. Whoa a blog now too?! haha have fun!!

  10. Yay you're a blogger now too!! Love you Trish!

  11. Nice! Looking forward to more of your blogs :) I actually just started one too for the first time a couple days ago.

  12. Trish, you are really an amazing woman, keep doing what you do, because alot of us are looking up to you... I wish you the best in life, your special, <3 love you Trish

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  14. can you believe i'm on a mission to read every single blog you on here? maybe too much time on my hands over here but hey ho.

    i've recently started a blog, you should check it out and subscribe if you want.


    - B. Olsen