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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jealousy is a Disease! Get Well Soon :)

hey girls! guess what?! hating on another girl because she is pretty, won't make you any less ugly. hating on a girl cause she is confident, won't make you any less insecure. and hating on a girl cause she's different, sure as hell doesn't make you stand out.

why do people hate in general? its something I will NEVER understand. like if you TRULY GENUINELY dislike a person's taste, style, life choices, you really REALLY really don't have to say anything, you really REALLY don't. its not helping ANYBODY, not even you. even if you think its cool to make fun of someone or you think it makes YOU look better, it really doesn't. hating REEKS insecurity to everyone. you will radiate negativity, and no one worth having in your life will be drawn to that.

I'm not saying I've never said a mean thing about another person, I have...when I was in middle school. early on, I realized two things. 1) how much it STINGS when someone hates on you, that shit can stay with a person their entire life 2.) hating attracts the wrong kind of people/attention. you start to look at yourself and think, geez, is this my life? if I'm so unhappy, why not change it? and I did.

if someone is hating on you its because you have something they wish they could have. if you are the hater, stop hating, and work on bettering yourself to have those qualities you secretly ADMIRE in the hatee. it helps. I would hate on girls when I was like 12 cause they were so pretty and shiny, guess what I stopped that, I became pretty and shiny and so much more and the hate got turned on me. instead of worrying about what other people were wearing, doing, saying, I just decided to march to the beat of my own drummer.

the hate hasn't stopped since I was in middle school, if anything, since being public with my life on the internet, its gotten magnified and escalated. but now, I'm almost 25 and I have never been more secure in my life and my decisions, my look and my soul. I KNOW I am fabulous, so even though hateful words can hurt like a bee sting at times, they NEVER wound. they encourage me to KEEP making videos, and KEEP being me! cause if people are hating, that means I'm doing something right, right?

"don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine"



  1. I wish some of your radiance as well as how confident and sure of yourself would deflect onto me, haha it is SUCH a struggle, & a daily battle, but hopefully one day I'll be able to negate my life and be so sure of every action, belief and choice that I make, and be so confident that I'll be able to make those without so much struggle and conflict.

    Keep on shining doll <3
    Much love xo

  2. Some people like to elevate themselves using their own inner propulsion. Others, having no inner propulsion, clamber up the frames of others, pushing them down in the process.

    I heard of you recently following your YouTube video and I have to say that you beautiful. You are beautiful, not despite your curves but because of them.

  3. SO true Trish! People who hate are also gonna attract people that will start to hate on them for hating, and then it will never end. So if you dont like someone, then don't "follow/like/talk/comment" them :)

    <3 you Trish you're awesome!

  4. You are so right!
    It makes me sad how people today are cruel and some just plain evil...

    ~Words should be chosen wisely in the presence of a soul.~

    That's my motto! ...and no I'm not saying that it's okay to talk behind someones back ... that's something that is just plain low...

    People should just try to look at the positive things in other persons...

    Good blog girl :) Have a nice day!

  5. beautiful post Trish! Please do a post on how you changed yourself? what was that journey like and how you went about it! I feel like im in the process of doing that and not sure how to just do me and be happy with it ,without looking for approval from other people. please please please! it would help so many of your fishies im sure.

    Have a great day !