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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sneak Peek of my Third Book "Tease"

my new book "Tease" will be out Feb 1. here's a little bit more info on what it's about ;) 


Best-selling author Trisha Paytas is back with Tease, a dark glimpse into a world where power is a turn on and every pleasure comes with consequences.

Mary attends college while working some shifts at the local diner in order to help pay for tuition. It’s there that she meets Preston, a mysterious man who awakens desires within her that had never before been. But trouble begins almost immediately as Mary discovers that Preston’s desires often mix sex and violence to a terrifying degree.

As Mary explores her own titillating urges, she discovers that perhaps she and Preston are not all that different. Wielding her sexuality as a source of power, Mary stumbles across a variety of men and relationships that feed her own desires: From falsely accusing her roommate’s boyfriend of rape and countless affairs with married men to passion-fueled murder and getting locked in an underground hellhole.

Mary’s fear of Preston is compounded when he forces her into sexual servitude, yet she still can’t fully decide if she hates the violence or loves it. With her sanity teetering on the edge, Mary’s life continues spiraling out of control. Will she ever break free from the cycle of lust and power? Or will Mary go crazy in the process?

An erotically charged look at the perversion of sexual norms, Tease explores the types of sexual fantasies that rarely see the light of day. Its shocking scenes and vivid characters will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.

Trisha Paytas is a former Los Angeles stripper whose YouTube series inspired her memoir The History of My Insanity, as well as her autobiographical The Stripper Diaries. She hopes these books reveal the unglamorous, and often dangerous, aspects of the sex industry. Paytas currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Monday, January 13, 2014

a different kind of Barbie

"I always wanted to be Malibu Barbie...but God didn't quite create me that way so I turned into my own kind of barbie, my favorite kind... a lil Trish Doll" -me

so I was going through my candids of a photo shoot I had last week for the cover of my next book and I was looking at all the untouched random iphone photos and wanted to post some but I thought, "mmm, my arm looks huge and my legs look pudgy, my butt is too wide and not enough of a bubble, people are gonna say I have cankles, my bra is showing, wish I knew how to photoshopp my personal pics, etc etc etc"

then I relooked at em this morning and I saw so much beauty in these pictures. I saw a girl who was having fun living out her dream of not only accomplishing a finished third novel but getting to be the cover model for it in her backyard in a Southern California beach city which is literally the sand at my doorstep. I saw this girl who yeah, had a little bit of fat on her but that fat meant she could now afford to eat on her own when in the past she had to either starve or rely on men to get her food. I looked at this picture and saw legs that weren't skinny but strong, these legs have walked me out, nay, ran me out of some dangerous situations. and mostly I saw a smile that showed how happy I truly am in life right now regardless of what people think of my size, my fashion, my hair, my life, my choices....I had a legitimate genuine smile and some of these poses, I don't think alot of girls would be able to do because they don't believe they are sexy. this is the pose of a girl who KNOWS she is sexy and its taken me 25 years to be fully aware of my SEXY and fully able to flaunt it with no apologies and no photoshopp!!!

I just wanted to share this because I know alot of us curvy girls struggle with "should we lose weight? should we not?" - at the end of the day, its your decision and its whatever makes you happy. do you wanna feel better? do you wanna look better? do you think losing weight will help with that? THEN DO IT. but don't forget to look at yourself right now and appreciate all that has gone into that body you have today...the stress you had to endure, the heartache you've experienced, the happiness you've celebrated....the body you're in today has quite the story. so while you may want to create a new beginning or not, never forget or be ashamed of the story in which you've already written :)