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Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Zebra Beach Dresses at Trisha's Treasure Chest!!!!

absolutely obsessed with our new zebra print beach coverups/sundresses!!! they are available now on my online store Trishas Treasure Chest Zebra Dress - as is my iphone5 case here Trishas Treasure Chest Pink Leopard iphone5 Case ;) TOTES ADORBS, right??and seriously so comfy!!! super loose to hide any problem areas, mines my tummy, hehe <3  is this something YOU would wear????

just another pretty face....what makes you different?

living in LA, I feel like I'm living in the real valley of the dolls. I see perfection everywhere I go - perfect noses, perfect boobs, perfect workout clothes, perfect eaters, perfect everything. it can be a little overwhelming for a girl like me, a girl from a small town with a face and body that doesn't meat the traditional, generic "beauty" standards that our society has established.

I will say I have found my outer beauty in the form of bleach bottles, saline bags, fake hair, fake lashes, bleached teeth, tanned skin, and the entire MAC store on my face...I've done a great job of becoming an illusion of beauty, a face that society says is pretty.

as I was taking off my makeup tonight, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, how many goals I have accomplished. today I did a photo shoot for a project that I have been developing on my own for the past few months. it has nothing to do with videos or hollywood, its an intellectual development that I'll be sharing with you all very soon. however, the photo shoot today was the final step of the process and I had to pat myself on the back for finishing this huge undertaking that I had no idea where to start just mere months back.

I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, what would happen if I went into a casting looking like this? perhaps, I wouldn't get the job but I began to think to myself about all the jobs I did book without looking like everyone else. my nose is wide, my eyes are spaced an astronomical amount apart, my body is considered plus size and my sense of style is not exactly off Rodeo Drive.

so why me? why have I been able to accomplish so many goals even when I'm full of self doubt from people telling me I'm too ugly, too fat, too tacky, etc?

I'll tell you why...I'm not just another pretty face. I like to LOOK pretty and portray pretty but my inner beauty shines through when I walk into a room or go on an audition. as soon as anyone starts having a conversation with me, the first thing they say to me, is well, you're quite different than what I expected. and I LOVE hearing this. I love surprising people with my quirks and attributes.

I don't type this blog out of conceit, I type it to challenge you to find something that makes you more than a pretty face. its good to feel beautiful but in a world full of beautiful faces, you need more to succeed.

walk with a strut, find confidence in your uniqueness. what others may find as distasteful or a set back, see it as a positive.

some people may think my weight holds me back but it doesn't. I'd love to lose weight but until I do, I see my curves as something that makes me stand out. I sat in a waiting room of twigs for my "modern family" audition and I had self doubt on overkill. as soon as I walked into the room, I tripped and fell on my heels as I was handing the casting director my headshot. everyone got up to see if I was okay and I told them I'd let them know as soon as I push my tits back in. and I pushed em in and they laughed and I got the part!

it was the confidence I had to make a joke after something that could be rather traumatizing. I think the same thing took effect when I tried out for America's Got Talent last year. I went to meet Howard Stern, fully expecting to be buzzed. can you imagine? going on national television only to KNOW you will be humiliated in front of your childhood idol and millions of other people watching?? my clip of AGT has over 50 million hits on youtube as of writing this.and I think why!? I wasn't the prettiest contestant and lord knows I wasn't the most talented nor was I the worst, so why did it catch on??? to this day, people stop me in the streets and say, "are you Trish like Fish from america's got talent"? a little dumb rhyme that I use to remember and remind people of names made me memorable enough for random people to stop me on the streets. and I was special enough to be one of only two contestants asked back for the AGT finale in New Jersey

so the moral of this blog post is be more than just a pretty face. a pretty girl is a dime a dozen these days thanks to all the beauty in a bottle different, take chances, and go for the gold in unique-ness! 

the world has a million barbie dolls, but they only have one Trisha Paytas and the world only has one YOU!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

with such confusions, don't it make you wanna SCREAM?

I'm gonna let Michael and Janet sum this one up....

and before anyone thinks this is about one situation or person, I assure you its not!!! its years of built up frustration with people, events, etc. I am so far from perfect but at the same time words hurt, lies bite, and assumptions sting....

putting my life out for the public to view and judge, I understand lies will be spread. I understand people will be quick to judge. but there are 3 sides to every story. he said, she said and THE TRUTH is somewhere in the middle :)

thank you to the King of Pop for inspiring my morning and touching my heart. His music has been speaking to me for the past few hours and I can't help but smile and appreciate Michael for everything he has done for millions of people.


Tired of injustice 
Tired of the schemes 
The lies are disgusting 
So what does it mean 
Kicking me down 
I got to get up 
As jacked as it sounds 
The whole system sucks 

Peek in the shadow 
Come into the light 
You tell me I'm wrong 
Then you better prove you're right 
You're sellin' out souls but 
I care about mine 
I've got to get stronger 
And I won't give up the fight 

With such confusions don't it make you wanna scream 
Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme 

You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize 

Somebody please have mercy 
'cause I just can't take it 
Stop pressurin' me 
Just stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' me 
Make me wanna scream 
Stop pressurin' me 
Just stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' me 
Make you just wanna scream 

Tired of you tellin' the story your way 
It's causin' confusion 
You think it's okay 

You keep changin' the rules 
While I keep playin' the game 
I can't take it much longer 
I think I might go insane 

With such confusion don't it make you wanna scream 
Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme 

You find your pleasure scandalizin' every lie 

Oh father, please have mercy 'cause I just can't take it 
Stop pressurin' me 
Just stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' me 
Make me wanna scream 
Stop pressurin' me 
Just stop pressurin' me 
Stop *' !@#!in' with me 
Make me wanna scream 

"oh my god, can't believe what I saw 
As I turned on the tv this evening 
I was disgusted by all the injustice 
All the injustice" 

"all the injustice" 

"a man has been brutally beaten to death by 
Police after being wrongly identified as a 
Robbery suspect. the man was 
An 18 year old black male..." 

With such collusions don't it make you wanna scream 
Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme 

You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize 

Oh brother please have mercy'cause I just can't take it 
Stop pressurin' mejust stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' memake me wanna scream 
Stop pressurin' mejust stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' memake me wanna scream 
Stop pressurin' mejust stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' memake me wanna scream 
Stop pressurin' mejust stop pressurin' me 
Stop pressurin' memake me wanna scream 

Ferris Bueller

so the other day I saw "Ferris Buellers Day Off" for the first time in my life (I know I know, I am living under a rock) but I just had to say, FERRIS BUELLER, YOU'RE MY HERO.

ferris I think is the epitomy of what I always wanted to be, fearless and fun! when I was little, I would feel guilty for being late to class much less prank call the principal and ditch a whole day of school. as a teenager, I was always scared of getting in trouble and confrontation...but not ferris. in fact, I guess I'd be more of the Cameron in this situation. I guess thats why I like the end of this movie so much, I won't spoil it for you but it's every wannabe ferris, but in real life cameron's, fantasy!

today I'm making a pact to be more spontaneous! I think I get really comfortable living life one way and I feel like theres SO much more to be discovered out there. why am I content just getting by??? I long for adventure and all the crazyness that comes with it.

I say I'm a dreamer but alas I'm a realist. I'd like to be a combination of both, what would that be called???

Ferris Bueller, thank you for inspiring change. Change can be scary but often times in life, change is exactly what we need <3

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - Ferris Bueller


The Things That Matter in Life

there are so many beautiful things in this world that we so often miss for our lives become too busy, family becomes too distant, jobs become too consuming...its important to stop and reflect on whats important in this life.

I'm the first to admit, I love money and shopping, and I love the idea of being known as a public figure on the internet and people recognizing me in public, its all great but like any human being, it can get into my head that that's what lifes all about. and I had an epiphany tonight, so clearly, so loudly, it screamed in my ears and they started ringing like angels singing from God.

Trish life isn't about louis vuitton bags and driving bmws. its not about landing the next tv gig or having the biggest makeup collection. I have to thank my dad for taking me to dinner. he reminded me how short life is and how we need to be thankful for the basics we have, not everyone is as fortunate to have food to eat and a roof over their head.

I told my dad I was going through some rough times this past week, rocky relationships, hurt feelings and my dad said, "trish, none of that really matters in the grand scheme of life. are you a good person? are you living a life that makes God smile?" and the answer to all that was yes.

in my heart of hearts, I just truly want happiness for everyone. I know what being lonely and depressed and angry is like, I've been there, and I wish no one to feel these feelings. I want people to live their life for themselves. who cares what anyone says or does? does it really affect your life, your life's importance?

here's what matters to me in this life:

MY FAMILY. they are my rock, my support and I know they will be there for me no matter what, they've been with me through my lowest points, my sicknesses, and they never judge nor condemn. In our family, if something someone does isn't the way you'd do something, you just continue to love them anyway.

HEALTH. my health is not great. in fact today it was mocked. but no matter how much pain and suffering I go through fighting my battles, I still get on my knees every morning and thank God for giving me the strength to get through it, the finances to pay for it, and mostly the air in my lungs. Never forget to give thanks to God when he never forgets to wake you up for another day on this earth.

LOVE. we all need, want and deserve love. when we lay on our deathbeds, are we going to say, DAMN I wish had more views on that video? or DAMN I should've taken that job in Phoenix? no. we are going to remember all the moments in life we shared in love. the only memories I have from childhood and my adult life are those that were lived in love. love is pure. when you truly love, nothing matters. you'll never want to hurt the person you love or have loved, you'd only want amazing things for them. this is why I constantly tell YOU all, that I LOVE YOU, cause I ONLY want the best for you. even if you hate me and think I'm trashy, I still love you and want you to succeed. I don't judge you for your feelings nor do I judge you for judging :)

GOD. God gave his only son for us. God created our world. God brought you into this world. you are not here by mistake, you are here because He wanted you here, he has a great plan for you and never forget that. we are all God's children so with anyone you encounter in life remember that, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we all deserve the respect and love you'd give to our Father. the whole purpose of this life on Earth is to get to eternal happiness with God our Father, so live this life right and lets all get to heaven together.

these are the things that matter in life to me. I will publish and print this and keep it by my bed to remind me why I am waking up and why I had a blessed day before sleeping.

thank you all for reading and respecting each other! I pray for you all the time to find happiness, let go of anger, and live the best life God intended for you to have.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

will you love me?

I just wanna be loved.

is that so much to ask?

is that so hard to do?

I'm just a girl who wants to be loved by you.

I just wanna be loved.

but nobody can do it.

nobody will do it.

nobody goes through it.

when the going gets tough, leave me.

when I turn out not to be perfect, abandon me.

when you see me as I am, trash me.

when you look for the dirt on me, judge me.

I just wanna be loved.

a love so pure and true.

I just wanna be loved.

for more than whats in view.

to love me is to know my imperfections and not care.

to love me is just to stand by me at all times, knowing that you're there.

I just wanna be loved.

don't we all?

we look so hard we miss our call...

I'm tired of looking...won't you come find me.

look for me and want me so I can clearly see.

God, I am ready to be loved.

I deserve to be loved.

no matter what anyone else says.

deserving love vs needing love, is there a difference?

we are all human and love is what we shall give and receive.

no matter the heartaches I've been through, been put through

mistakes I've made, choices I regret,

I'm still READY for love, dear Lord, please send me it when its time.

I just wanna be loved.

keep the money, keep the fame.

I just wanna be loved.

and success will be claimed.

Trisha Paytas, Febraury 21, 2013

what a difference a day makes!


first off, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog for your words of encouragement and motivation really pushed me through to be a better me.

the first one that I got an overwhelming response of, is EXERCISE. and I always knew this in my mind but I needed that push. normally, I would've said, okay I'll exercise TOMORROW but tomorrow may never come (for me it did, but you get where I'm going with this) so I went out at 8 pm and exercised that night. after a day of slothness in bed and feeling sorry for myself, it is just what I needed :) it really did make me feel better! I was around other people (which I normally am in solitude) and I was doing something for ME! and saying I love you enough, trish, to take care of you better to get you moving, to start releasing some endorphins in that usually always happy mind of yours.

then I came home took a LOOOOOOONG bath and just zoned out, said some prayers, and felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. like God telling me, Trish, you're going to be great. you're doing great things. just keep pushing how you've always pushed and NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF. you haven't doubted yourself since middle school, why start now?!?

waking up this morning, I went for a walk on the beach. and again just sort of prayed/meditated and said TRISH, today is a GREAT day. you're alive, DO NOT WASTE THIS DAY!!!!!!!! and I won't. someone may have tweeted me yesterday (can't remember the name, I'm sorry) that are you doing something today that's going to put you where you want to be tomorrow or in the future?! and I LOVED THAT. so this morning, after I type this blog of gratitude (and hopefully inspire someone else to take those first steps of becoming happier) I'm going to sit down, list out my goals, and the steps I need to take to get there!!!!!!!! write down what I want to accomplish in my personal life and professional, see it, visualize it, know it and go for it!!!!!

there's really no stopping me I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in a slump for a week but the best part is?!?! that weeeeek is over and yours can be too!!!!! you don't need to start tomorrow, start RIGHT NOW!!!!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blogging from Bed (no motivation)

ugh. what is happening to me!?!?! where is my motivation?! my creativity?! my energy!?!? life is being drained from me and I don't understand why. between a recent breakup, an ex coming back wanting in my life, no work, and just an overall feeling of boredom, I just don't even recognize who I am right now.

I know what I need and that is something that'll INSPIRE me again. to get me motivated to work towards something. what is that something!?! 

there was a song I heard in the mall the other day that I hadn't heard since it came out when I was a teenager but the lyrics go something like "I've got it all but I'm wasting it slowly, I go up, I go down and I feel emptier inside, tell me what is this thing, that I feel like I'm missing and why can't I, let it go?!" its called "more to life" but not sure who it is by... "theres gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me"

anyway, it hit me....I'm still not sure what my purpose is in this wonderful life that God created for me. I am happy, I am content. but there's more that I could be doing. I was meant to live a great life but why am I not doing MORE, being MORE, giving MORE.

so here it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon, still in bed, have done nothing but eat a bowl of cereal, put up a video to piss people off, watched the beginning of gremlins and drowning my woes in twitter feeds from people I've never met.

do you ever get in these frumps!? I took a spontaneous trip out of state last week to hopefully kickstart some much needed inspiration but to no avail?! how do I get out of this rutt!? 

advice is appreciated. because even though I like to think I have all the answers, I sadly don't.

what can I do to get motivated? hopefully in a month I'll be able to do a follow up to MOTIVATE YOU. pay it forward.


Monday, February 18, 2013

needing love vs. deserving love

I feel like I am in control of 99% of my life. I consider myself happy and successful. I've reached my dreams of being able to entertain people and make a living doing what I love, thats everyones ideal right??? I have a family that I completely get along with now, we all live in the same region of the same state, and we all have goals we're achieving and watching each other blossom.

the one aspect of my life that I can't seem to control nor flourish nor stay afloat in is my intimate relationships. I've tried being celibate, I've tried being open minded, I've gone to therapy, seeked counseling, but now I'm just at a dead end...once again.


I don't want a break, I want to be in love and share my life with someone more than anything, create a family. maybe its the fact that I'll be 25 this year, going through a quarter life crisis or something, but I feel like life is moving so fast I don't want to miss my window of creating the family I've always wanted.

but am I looking too hard?! trying too hard?! expecting too much!? giving too little?! why can't I trust anyone?! why won't I let anyone love me?!

I've heard on NUMEROUS occasions, I don't deserve love. I never listen to what anyone says about my appearance, life choices, etc but for some reason this "I don't deserve love" has stuck with me and I start to believe it.

I've been a stripper, an escort, I've slept with married man, I've been dishonest in relationships....but this was all over 3 years ago. am I destined to have bad relationship karma for the rest of my life???

how do I brake this cycle. I have received God's forgiveness, so why can I not forgive myself. my true remorse pours out of me in the form of every tears when I am talking to God. 

I pray to God that He sends me the man He has been saving for me when the time is right but I am so impatient.

how do I become more relaxed? how do I break the mindset of not deserving love???

I NEED love in my life. I have money, I have followers, I have family, but I lack the love of my other half. money and success means nothing without a life fulfilled (and to me this means creating my own family)
when I was a little girl, I wanted to be 2 things. 1) an entertainer (which is what I do now) and 2) a mother. 

Jesus, take the wheel. cause I don't know what else to do.


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crispin Glover's One Man Show

sooooooooo what did I do for my 24 hours in Bloomington, IN??? well saw Crispin Glovers one man show/film "it is fine. everything is fine!" 

I'm not here to "review" the show exactly, I'm here to describe what you will feel before, during and after, cause truth be told, had I known what I was in for - I don't think I would've been effected the same way. the first half of his show, is verrrrrrry avant garde (is that the right word?) its his readings from his books he wrote. if you've ever had the chance to read the three of his published books, you would say they are a little "out there", a little bizarre if you will, BUT that is NOTHING in comparison to CRISPIN GLOVER READING his own literature. its entertaining for sure. a few people laughed but most were probably scared to or didn't know if they should (I was one of those people). its like do I laugh? do I snap my fingers? part of me wanted to burst out in a standing ovation after a short called "egg farm". I'm telling you if he ever made that available for public domain, I'd be performing that monologue at every audition, better believe.

then after his readings/performance, he shows 1 of 2 of his 3 part trilogy (third part is yet to be completed). no idea what to expect with this and even if I wanted to "review" the film I saw (it is fine. everything is fine) I have no idea what I would write or where to begin. its sexually explicit (they check id at the door to make sure you are 18 or over) and its DEFINITELY uncomfortable to watch but it'll stick in your mind for at least 72 hours later (as is the case as I am writing this blog) it confused me but it gave me hope that not all creative people in Hollywood are lacking creativity. does that make sense? I'm tired of seeing remakes, sequels, the same rom com/different actors, I like seeing something that makes me want to cry, cringe, have sex, and make me want to puke, all at the same time.

what was my feeling after all of this (about 5 hours in total of the "show")??? I left with one big smile :)

if you're interested in seeing Crispin Glovers show, he's currently on tour!!! check out for showtimes :)

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more of my weird crispin glover appreciation on youtube!

scene from willard as performed by me

my interpretation of clowny clown clown (as originally performed by mr. glover)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Take at look at these fast-growing fields in which women can make some serious bank, Love #1

RIP Angel Kitty :(

it is with a heavy heart, I write this post. angel kitty has passed away :(

ugh, this saddens me on so many levels.

you should know this was not my kitty, it was my sisters and her fathers BUT I've never looked at a cat photo before and felt such a connection and love for any animal. I am by no means an animal lover but Angel was always this plump little thing that I just felt such a connection to.

my sister had already moved out of her fathers house before Angel arrived but my thoughts go out to her dad because she said this was his little buddy. that when he made oatmeal every morning, Angel would purr and meow until he got her a bowl too.

this is the main reason why I never got a little furry friend of my own, they are gone too soon.

I believe if your animal is really a part of your family and that bond is there, you will see them in heaven waiting for you with all your other loved ones.

I'll miss my sister sending me texts of her fat cat as they lovingly referred to her, she was huge but she looked happy, even if my sister thought she was a little bitchy (fyi thats also the perfect way to describe my sissy) but this picture of the two of them melts my heart. my sisters love for animals just always left me speechless, I could never connect with an animal the way she would. and it just shows that even though they both have hard exteriors, their gentleness and ability to love is just all deep inside their hearts.

RIP ANGEL. the only kitty who has ever made me smile :) 


Jealousy is a Disease! Get Well Soon :)

hey girls! guess what?! hating on another girl because she is pretty, won't make you any less ugly. hating on a girl cause she is confident, won't make you any less insecure. and hating on a girl cause she's different, sure as hell doesn't make you stand out.

why do people hate in general? its something I will NEVER understand. like if you TRULY GENUINELY dislike a person's taste, style, life choices, you really REALLY really don't have to say anything, you really REALLY don't. its not helping ANYBODY, not even you. even if you think its cool to make fun of someone or you think it makes YOU look better, it really doesn't. hating REEKS insecurity to everyone. you will radiate negativity, and no one worth having in your life will be drawn to that.

I'm not saying I've never said a mean thing about another person, I have...when I was in middle school. early on, I realized two things. 1) how much it STINGS when someone hates on you, that shit can stay with a person their entire life 2.) hating attracts the wrong kind of people/attention. you start to look at yourself and think, geez, is this my life? if I'm so unhappy, why not change it? and I did.

if someone is hating on you its because you have something they wish they could have. if you are the hater, stop hating, and work on bettering yourself to have those qualities you secretly ADMIRE in the hatee. it helps. I would hate on girls when I was like 12 cause they were so pretty and shiny, guess what I stopped that, I became pretty and shiny and so much more and the hate got turned on me. instead of worrying about what other people were wearing, doing, saying, I just decided to march to the beat of my own drummer.

the hate hasn't stopped since I was in middle school, if anything, since being public with my life on the internet, its gotten magnified and escalated. but now, I'm almost 25 and I have never been more secure in my life and my decisions, my look and my soul. I KNOW I am fabulous, so even though hateful words can hurt like a bee sting at times, they NEVER wound. they encourage me to KEEP making videos, and KEEP being me! cause if people are hating, that means I'm doing something right, right?

"don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine"


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who's Your Celebrity Lookalike? often do you hear, "you look sooooooooo much like ______ (fill in the blank)"? well lately, I have been getting Pammy Anderson and I'm LOVING IT!!! it totally gives me an extra pep in my step to be compared to a girl who's made her career out of just being sexy! plus pam is a friend to the animals and just an all around rad woman who keeps on keepin on no matter who makes fun of her. she just marches to the beat of her own drum and I LOVE THAT!

I've also been getting ALOT of the late great anna nicole (I think we just have some of the same facial expressions) 

and of course ice t's main mama, nicole "coco" austin (obvi its the thick white girls all look alike syndrom)

but I can't complain, it could be worse, it HAS been worse, when I was in highschool, SCREAM was a really big thing as were the scooby doo movies, so I was ALWAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS getting compared to...wait for it...MATTHEW LILLARD!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY!?!??!?!!?!? ugh, just cause we both have far, wide apart alien eyes, okay, I get it! thank God for bleach, extensions and fake boobies, am I RIGHT?!?!

who do people say YOU look like??? do you see it???

in my head I look like woody allen, so I'm glad my outer shell tells a different story :)


Showgirls! Best Movie Ever Made!

Fade in a on a girl hitchhiking to vegas, gets robbed. shes a hooker become stripper become showgirl become GODDESS!

so I'm OBSESSED with this movie, I watch it literally 3 times a week!!! you have to watch the unedited version, well if you're 18+. its erotic and silly and great outfits all in one! kind of the ultimate chick flick if you ask me.

"Showgirls" is a movie directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by fellow hungarian, Ezsterhaus, starring Elizabeth Berkly aka Jesse Spano from "Saved by the Bell". 

It really is amazing. I kind of live my life by some of these movie quotes...

"There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you"

"Its weird not having anyone cum on you"

"I like nice tits. I always have, how about you?"

"I'm erect. Why aren't you erect?"

hehe, anyway, its silly but its really well done in my opinion. you have a very credible director and writer as well as a cast who has each held their own in the world of entertainment.

the standout to me is KYLE MACHLACHLAN!!! ugh, he is yummy! after watching him in this, I literally plugged his name into my DVR and have watched EVERYTHING he pops up in from Sex in the City to Dune to Blue Velvet to the Flinstones Movie haha, yes, the FLINTSTONES!?

its a 90s cheestetastic crazy ass movie! you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll grasp and you'll be wanting to take the next flight to vegas! I know I do....

I can see it now...

the Stardust Hotel and Casino Proudly Presents...TRISHA PAYTAS AS GODDESS