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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blogging from Bed (no motivation)

ugh. what is happening to me!?!?! where is my motivation?! my creativity?! my energy!?!? life is being drained from me and I don't understand why. between a recent breakup, an ex coming back wanting in my life, no work, and just an overall feeling of boredom, I just don't even recognize who I am right now.

I know what I need and that is something that'll INSPIRE me again. to get me motivated to work towards something. what is that something!?! 

there was a song I heard in the mall the other day that I hadn't heard since it came out when I was a teenager but the lyrics go something like "I've got it all but I'm wasting it slowly, I go up, I go down and I feel emptier inside, tell me what is this thing, that I feel like I'm missing and why can't I, let it go?!" its called "more to life" but not sure who it is by... "theres gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me"

anyway, it hit me....I'm still not sure what my purpose is in this wonderful life that God created for me. I am happy, I am content. but there's more that I could be doing. I was meant to live a great life but why am I not doing MORE, being MORE, giving MORE.

so here it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon, still in bed, have done nothing but eat a bowl of cereal, put up a video to piss people off, watched the beginning of gremlins and drowning my woes in twitter feeds from people I've never met.

do you ever get in these frumps!? I took a spontaneous trip out of state last week to hopefully kickstart some much needed inspiration but to no avail?! how do I get out of this rutt!? 

advice is appreciated. because even though I like to think I have all the answers, I sadly don't.

what can I do to get motivated? hopefully in a month I'll be able to do a follow up to MOTIVATE YOU. pay it forward.



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  2. life isn't a quiet Sea you know... early or late, some waves appears and make it different... the most important, is to keep an eye of your targets; just ask yourself: "is what I'm doing today, bringing me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?" only that question, might give you enough strength , to move forward... =) it works for me every day ^_^ try it trish, yes, you can ;)

  3. Sorry you're feeling down :( Buy some Ben and Jerry's and watch girly movies. Take some time for yourself. I'm going through a divorce and I'm only 24. Life can be hard but ya gotta just keep pushing through.

  4. How about not seeking attention from someones death, you fat ugly bitch!!!!!

    1. No need to be so cruel. Trish is just trying to reach out to man kind for an answer.

  5. Maybe it's the way you earn your money. Using someone's death on YT to get views is very disturbing.. Get a real job like us common folk it's very gratifying to earn your money by NOT EXPLOITING YOURSELF AND OTHERS.. Bad Karma for your video today.. Mark my word this is dirty living. And obviously your not happy change your ways.. Workout eat right stop spending.. Girl you have a lot to learn.. Jus saying ..

  6. Girl, you're not alone. What if you wrote a book? Biography style, including your struggles and how you got through it. Something like that could be helpful to other people, giving you purpose you didn't know you had. I stumbled across your youtube channel because I was thinking about stripping and your stripper diaries really helped me to think twice and make a better choice for myself. We all have days like this (, but I've noticed it's those days from which good things can come. Keep your head up, you're awesome.

  7. The song is "more to life" by stacie orrico. :)
    Hope you feel better!

  8. Trish like someone has said. Maybe get with your Manager and think about writing a book. I would buy it just to see what you had to say. Yes, it would give your purpose and meaning to get out of bed in the mornings. Try it...and see how you go.

  9. Hey Trisha I'm sorry your so sad! I hope you find your inspiration soon! Maybe its time for a change. Life has a funny way of moving you in different directions! People are always telling me to find a hobby but its not just that easy. There is a difference in doing things and enjoying things! I have a hard time with being just board with life. May we both find our purpose here on Earth! Love from Indiana!!!

  10. Trish, motivation comes from doing. When you want to workout you don't WANT to do it. As you start working out you start to move more and you start getting into it. Then after you are done you feel so much better. It is like life you can sat on the couch and say Where is my motivation to get up. Motivation is not a thing it is a feeling that comes from doing. Getting up sometimes is hard. You CAN do it! It is then and only then will you feel the MOTIVATION.

  11. That song is Stacy Orrico-more to life! such a good throwback. You should listen to Incubus-The really makes me think twice about feeling depressed and appreciate what i have. the lyrics are amazing. youre probably just going through a bout of depression because you had a break up, youll push through it..time heals all. eat some ice cream, watch some tv and when you get bored enough..youll start doing things again and feel better slowly but surely. have a good cry(sometimes i feel better after that) dont be sad trish, YOU ARE thousands of girls motivation to keep going..and fuck, who can be sad with as much self confidence as you and such a great rack? LOL "Keep your head up beautiful, people would kill to see you fall" <3

  12. I know how you feel, I'm going through it now. The feeling sucks :[
    Right now there one thing i'm starting to do is exercise and eat healthier.
    Its gonna be hard but I know its worth it. Eventually my self esteem is going go up and life is going to get better. Keep your chin up Trisha!! Also, let the haters hate, you are too awesome to be feeling this low ^_^

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