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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crispin Glover's One Man Show

sooooooooo what did I do for my 24 hours in Bloomington, IN??? well saw Crispin Glovers one man show/film "it is fine. everything is fine!" 

I'm not here to "review" the show exactly, I'm here to describe what you will feel before, during and after, cause truth be told, had I known what I was in for - I don't think I would've been effected the same way. the first half of his show, is verrrrrrry avant garde (is that the right word?) its his readings from his books he wrote. if you've ever had the chance to read the three of his published books, you would say they are a little "out there", a little bizarre if you will, BUT that is NOTHING in comparison to CRISPIN GLOVER READING his own literature. its entertaining for sure. a few people laughed but most were probably scared to or didn't know if they should (I was one of those people). its like do I laugh? do I snap my fingers? part of me wanted to burst out in a standing ovation after a short called "egg farm". I'm telling you if he ever made that available for public domain, I'd be performing that monologue at every audition, better believe.

then after his readings/performance, he shows 1 of 2 of his 3 part trilogy (third part is yet to be completed). no idea what to expect with this and even if I wanted to "review" the film I saw (it is fine. everything is fine) I have no idea what I would write or where to begin. its sexually explicit (they check id at the door to make sure you are 18 or over) and its DEFINITELY uncomfortable to watch but it'll stick in your mind for at least 72 hours later (as is the case as I am writing this blog) it confused me but it gave me hope that not all creative people in Hollywood are lacking creativity. does that make sense? I'm tired of seeing remakes, sequels, the same rom com/different actors, I like seeing something that makes me want to cry, cringe, have sex, and make me want to puke, all at the same time.

what was my feeling after all of this (about 5 hours in total of the "show")??? I left with one big smile :)

if you're interested in seeing Crispin Glovers show, he's currently on tour!!! check out for showtimes :)

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scene from willard as performed by me

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