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Sunday, December 1, 2013

My First Perfume!!! Trish by Trisha Paytas - LIMITED EDITION

it's here!!! it's finally here!!!! we started on this project over a year ago and we finally produced this little, pretty, pink baby.

I describe the scent as sensual cotton candy. like a seductive circus. lol. it smells like it does when you walk in to a Victoria's Secret store eating a sugar cookie to me and I DIE for it. its super sweet and the actual perfume liquid is PINK itself!!! we had to go through many a production teams to be able to get this liquid the right shade of pink. fragrance manufactured in the good ol USofA!!!!

put all my time and effort, blood, sparkles, and tears into this....its literally the thing I'm most proud of to date!!!! I love perfume and feel so blessed to have my very own fragrance.

Trish by Trisha Paytas is exclusively sold here

it is LIMITED EDITION and will SELL OUT!!! once its sold out, it will be gone FOREVER!!!!!