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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sneak Peek of my Third Book "Tease"

my new book "Tease" will be out Feb 1. here's a little bit more info on what it's about ;) 


Best-selling author Trisha Paytas is back with Tease, a dark glimpse into a world where power is a turn on and every pleasure comes with consequences.

Mary attends college while working some shifts at the local diner in order to help pay for tuition. It’s there that she meets Preston, a mysterious man who awakens desires within her that had never before been. But trouble begins almost immediately as Mary discovers that Preston’s desires often mix sex and violence to a terrifying degree.

As Mary explores her own titillating urges, she discovers that perhaps she and Preston are not all that different. Wielding her sexuality as a source of power, Mary stumbles across a variety of men and relationships that feed her own desires: From falsely accusing her roommate’s boyfriend of rape and countless affairs with married men to passion-fueled murder and getting locked in an underground hellhole.

Mary’s fear of Preston is compounded when he forces her into sexual servitude, yet she still can’t fully decide if she hates the violence or loves it. With her sanity teetering on the edge, Mary’s life continues spiraling out of control. Will she ever break free from the cycle of lust and power? Or will Mary go crazy in the process?

An erotically charged look at the perversion of sexual norms, Tease explores the types of sexual fantasies that rarely see the light of day. Its shocking scenes and vivid characters will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.

Trisha Paytas is a former Los Angeles stripper whose YouTube series inspired her memoir The History of My Insanity, as well as her autobiographical The Stripper Diaries. She hopes these books reveal the unglamorous, and often dangerous, aspects of the sex industry. Paytas currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


  1. I literally can't wait to get my hands on this!.. I have both previous books and followed you on youtube now for 3 years.... Iv recently started a blog and would love for you to have a read.. Your my inspiration in life :) ..... Thankyouu!

  2. Hi, Trisha! I inboxed you on Facebook my love story that you asked for on your video.. I'm not sure if you read it or not so i'll post it here for you..

    Conversation started Thursday

    Elisha Pardy

    1/15, 11:51pm

    Elisha Pardy

    Hi, Trisha! I watched your new video and I didn't comment on it because I don't want everyone's pity about my 'love story' .. anyways, Evan and I met at a party around the end of August in 2012.. he was the definition of a hoe, lol.. but anyways, we ended up playing drinking games and he got me super drunk. I went home that night and a few days later we added each other to bbm.. we instantly had a connection, non stop talking.. I had a boyfriend at the time (it was long distance, like plane ride to see him) who treated me horrible. I ended up breaking up with him for Evan in October, but Evan and I weren't official until November 15th. We were your average in love couple, always talking to each other on the phone before bed, he'd write me songs and sing them to me, snuggle, have sex, snuggle again and do it all over. We moved in together in May after just 6 months of being together but it was amazing. He was going to school and I took a year off so I was working. We have two doggies, Kovu & Kai (they're pomeranian's) .. December 11th at 7:48pm my whole world was torn into.. Evan and I were on our way moving to my hometown, he got out of the car to check the trunk and a car hit him. He died instantly.. but, before he got out he told me to put my seatbelt on. If he didn't, I would not be alive either. He was my whole entire world and still is, no one should have to watch the person they love with every ounce of their being die in front of them and not be able to do anything.. He was the best. He'd always run my baths/showers for me because 'his baby shouldn't have to do it', he'd pick me up and bring me to the car if it snowed because 'princesses shouldn't have to walk through the snow'.. He'd cry when we fought and was terrified of losing me. I hope you find someone who loves you for you, Trisha. I found my true love at 17 and he'll be mine forever.

    My twitter is elishapardyx, I follow you but I my tweets are set to private so I'm not sure if I tweeted you if you'd see it or not. I also follow you on instagram, there's some pictures of us there if you want to see.. xoelisha

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  4. Sounds like you're copying the concept of the book 50 Shades of Grey...plagiarism is not acceptable, it is sad and pathetic, be original for once.

    1. 50 Shades of grey was originally Twilight fan fiction, though the author after writting the fan fiction received lots of positive feedback, then with the help of others got the fan fiction published as an original boo, only changing the names of the characters. So fuck off 50 shades of grey isn't even a fucking original concept it's just a porno version of Twilight.

  5. Hey trish its shayna from temecula next to filippis pizza me and my son met you ... would Love for you to stop in my children's boutique next time you visit and sign my books I have of yours ... love them both and cant wait to get my hands on this one . You are so talented and inspiring to myself and many others ! Hope to see you soon ....

  6. I can't believe you wrote a book about BDSM!!!
    It reminds me about The Joker & Harley Quinn's
    relationship & also 50 Shades of Grey.. is that
    what ou based it on? 50 Shades?

  7. This is honestly a great idea for a book, especially since you will be able to pull from your own experiences to give it a realistic feel.

    Given how short your two previous books were, my only concern is how the length will play out in this book. In my personal opinion, I believe in order for you to effectively craft this masterpiece of an idea it will require a least a minimum of 300 pages.

    Take your time with this one, Trish :) but in the end you know the story best and I'm looking forward to reading this.

  8. Trisha I wanted to share this blog post with you and see if you would read it. I've been a long time fishie and I immediately thought of you when I read it. I respect the beauty industry for its good qualities however I do worry about women who feel that they aren't beautiful without cosmetics and what it might be teaching young girls.

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  10. I love you so much Trish and would adore getting all this stuff with your gorgeous and sweet face on it! Enter me please!! ����������❤️

  11. wow weldone hun you are doing amazingly with all your hard work, love the look of this book and will be buying it for my sister also who loves to read , shes a dirty mare so i think she will love it lol , proud of you girl x

  12. Please enter me! I would love to win some official trish gear!

  13. Would love to read this! 50 Shades was some pussy shit considering all he controversy around it...this sounds more interesting.
    BTW, is "Preston" supposed to be like Elvis "Presley"? Because the character sounds radically different!

  14. Wow! sounds super intresting! I think I'll have to read this one.

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