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Monday, March 18, 2013

gonna Ferris Bueller it today!

do you ever have one of those days where you have SO much to get done and SO much to star and SO much to look over that you just want to blow it all off and go see a movie and get a starbucks and just shop and watch tv and do nothing else??? thats what i'm doing today. I am on OVERLOAD with shit to get done and I just feel like I'm going crazy so guess what, I am taking the whole day off!!!!!!! and I'll just regroup it all tomorrow...

if ferris bueller has taught us anything, its that life is too short and it moves way too fucking fast! you really need to go out and enjoy yourself. I don't do that enough and I definitely don't have spontaneous days like today is going to be enough. its 1 pm and I'm gonna go catch a 2 pm matinee, go to the mall, eat a slice of pizza, pick up some of the new MAC mineralized rich lipsticks and come home and just veg the fuck out...why?! cause I can, and I need to!!!!!!!

work can wait, phone calls can is all about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give ZERO fucks today :)



  1. I so want your phone case...where did you get it??? Thanks your fishy

  2. I've been watching you for awhile on Youtube and I have to tell you I think you are absolutely adorable. You are very inspiring and I love all your videos. Thank you for all that you post sweetie! Have a great day!

  3. her phone case was sent by Blingshield - she has a YT vid about it x

  4. Hey Trisha.... Im an aspiring model... and knowing you were there once too i thought maybe you could help me out... i made a facebook page : and i was hoping you could check it out... maybe give a shoutout and like... or maybe give tips???? it would mean the world to me

  5. TRISHA I forever want a girly date with yooouuu!! We could act out reservoir dogs scenes -
    I wanna be Mr. White!!
    Not sure how that would work but whatevaaaaa, scripts can be re-written to suit the situation.

    I knew you were awesome from when I found out your little MJ stalker story haha, cause maaaaaan did I cry when he passed :'(

    ANYWAYS - hit me up on my blog here on the blogosphere , hehe
    seee yaaah -xoxo

  6. your a money grubbing hypocrite with a big double standard. You bash and talk trash and pretend to be a good girl!

  7. I saw your video about abercrombie and thought that you could appreciate this...