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Friday, March 8, 2013

"former stripper becomes internet sensation"

oh dailymail, you sure know how to sell a story. I was featured in the dailymail today, to read their article about me click here

I have to say as far as british magazines go, this one is pretty accurate and pretty positive....they told mostly facts :) I got a giggle out of it.



  1. Hahahha thats funny shit!

    x Annie /

  2. trish! I follow you everywhere so of course blogspot is going to be one of them;) To be honest I think your blogspot is not you. I am so convinced that you can be the next big thing here, but people on blogspot really look at how the page looks, I'm a graphic designer and really would love to make one for you, and send it to you and here what you think of it :)

    x Floor

  3. Trish, you are absolutely fantastic! I follow you on twitter, and I'm obsessed with your youtube videos! You have helped me through so much! I have my own blog website and I know your probably super busy but I was wondering if you'd look at it and maybe give some advice or pointers? :)Thank you!

    Twiitter: kayluh_bebe

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