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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


"smile though your heart is aching, smile even though its breaking..."

a broken heart can lead to death, I don't care what anyone says.

no matter how strong a person is, sometimes a broken heart will eventually shatter......

if you have a broken heart, be around friends or family...and if you don't have anyone pray to God to mend your one and only heart that He gave you

if you know someone who may have a broken heart, nurture and love that person. don't try and toughen them up or make them forget about the pain. go through it with them, feel their emotions and let them know that the love you have for them is never going to go away.

we all need to be loved. thats a human NEED.

every morning you wake up, perhaps your heart is still broken but find a way to SMILE. force that smile, feed that smile, appreciate that SMILE

for even a smile that may be faked could eventually become real.

"fake it til you make it" - its true. I've been doing that my whole life ;) I promise you its worked in all aspects thus far....I'll let you know if its miraculous enough to cure this evil thing we know as a broken heart </3

"smile, whats the use of crying? you'll find that lifes worthwhile, if you just SMILE"


  1. Trisha I just love you! I just posted a video in your inbox on youtube please watch:)

  2. I am so freakiskly obsessed with you. You are so amazing! Every time you tweet I get so excited. I feel like you're my actual friend. I love how you don't care about the haters. I want to be you, but be myself at the same time ;) I feel like we are soul sisters. I love youuu!!!



  3. An appropriately timed post for me - I'm in the middle of a family emergency, and am not taking it well.

    This is a great reminder to keep my head up and smile!

  4. heey trish, i have just recently started watching your videos and ive spent legit 3 hole days just watching all of them back to back .. and you have changed my life in so many ways. i use to be so down on myself. and now since ive watched your videos and how far you have came along it changed me so much .. the only thing right now is i need some advice on this guy. me and him have been together 3 times on and half . and he would break up with me cuz he doesnt kno what he wants or something stupied or he would just disapear for no reason and thats how it would end .. but the thing is he always comes back crying and everything wanting me back but everytime i take him back he does the same thing all over again .. and im really getting sick and tired of it . please help i dont know what to do.. if i should just let him go completely or keep holding or what HELP..

    love you trish
    <3 oxox

  5. Hi Trisha! I am a huuuuuge fan. I've watched all of your vids on youtube etc! I am really trying to get into blogging but I don't know how to get my name out there for people to view my blogs. Please help and check it out and give me some tips~!

  6. hey trish i know what your mother is going through i have been a cancer surviver now over 3 years in 2013 i had cervical cancer they got it in time and i had surgery then again in 2014 it was in my uterus and they got that in time too but they tell me it can always come back and its scary but i go on with life day by day and i keep my mind off of it as much as i can but its always in the back of my mind.