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Monday, March 4, 2013

youtube "celebrities" - jennamarbles, kassemg, and ME?!?!? what?!?

let me just say when someone tweeted me this article I thought it was a joke. it talks about youtube and the internet creating a new form of "celebrity" and while I can agree to the fact that jennamarbles and kassemg are certainly well known in this world of entertainment, hollywood, and planet earth....I was SHOCKED to see my name as the third one mentioned in the list of the three highlighted youtubers for honorable mention.

I was a little confused and very shocked, but more than anything humbled. I, often forget to realize, that people besides me and my sister actually WATCH my videos and get effected by them in some form....I suppose I should filter myself more...but then again, why start now???

check out the article here




  1. so tell me again how people get EFFECTED by your videos? You are so ignorant.

    1. Omg like shut the fuck up. Ur such a hater. If shes so ignorant then why the hell are you reading this blog and watching her videos? Did you ever stop and think that shes HUMAN and sins just like the rest of us because we're HUMAN?! Personally, i think ur jealous cuz she has millions of subscribers and people look up to her. Now i may not agree with everything Trish says or wears; but, i still love her cuz shes an AMAZING person.

      Trish, i applaud you for everything you've done/do. You set a great example to teens such as myself to not care what other people say about you.

      Thank you, have a nice day.
      And btw, its AFFECTED not EFFECTED you rude ass bitch

    2. I love trish but feel the need to point out that she wrote Effected instead of Affected on that comment because she was highlighting that Trish got it wrong :/ thats why its in Caps so you actually just insulted Trish , Ramona :/ soz

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