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Saturday, October 26, 2013

You're Here for a Reason!

this blog was inspired by a follower of mine on twitter, a beautiful girl who tweeted me a picture of her self harm wounds healing. her exact tweet was "I am stopping for you and they're starting to heal. Youre such an inspiration to me Trisha, thank you"

now I'm writing this blog because I was literally in tears from reading her tweet and seeing her cuts. I'm not in tears because I helped her but more because she did that to herself thinking she wasn't good enough, or deserving enough, of love, life or whatever issues she is/was dealing with.

I spent some time looking at her twitter, this girl looks happy, is absolutely stunning, and it just broke my heart for her that she would want to do that to herself. the bright side, she has STOPPED cutting and that means so much to me. her wounds are healing but that means so is she as a person. that brought even more tears to my eyes.

I'm not sure how specifically I helped her but I'm so glad I could and she inspired me to write this blog to maybe help others even if thats just 1 other....

and I met another girl at my book signing in Toronto back in August who had a similar story. again, I won't say names or go into specifics but she was a former cutter who also took a little time in knowing that she was worthy of AMAZING things.

know this......EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ON EARTH ARE HERE FOR A REASON. there are NO accidents in Gods world. there are no coincidences.


look, I've never been suicidal nor have I self harmed, so I can't pretend to know what you're feeling. but I have been severely depressed in life, I've been on medications for depression, I've self medicated with drugs in the past, so I know what low feels like. I was a prostitute for 3 years of my life, ended up in the hospital twice from drugs, my body has been used and abused, I've never been one to have alot of friends, no genuine boyfriends, just people who want want want and take take take from me.

but you know what kept ME going? was knowing I was put on this earth for a reason. I knew in my heart, I was meant to do something great with my life. that these dark times were just temporary, I couldn't see the light but I had FAITH that it was there.....and I'm telling you once you catch a glimpse of that light, every struggle you've had will be worth it and you'll understand WHY. you may not understand it right now but you will, I promise.

we all have our crosses to bare in this world. Jesus carried the cross he was crucified on, don't forget that.

and don't let anyone tell you your problems are insignificant. just because there are kids actually starving in Africa or dying of aids, doesn't make your problems any less tough or difficult. cope with them in a healthy way. talk to adults, seek counseling, going to church helped me tremendously, meditate, find an activity you enjoy doing.....whatever it is, you will get through.

you have to put up with a little rain if you want to see the rainbow

and remember:


if you are currently self harming....PLEASE STOP. if you feel nobody loves you or wants you, they do. maybe somebody is out there waiting to give you unconditional love you don't feel you currently have. please have patience. nothing is more selfish than taking your own life. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. the people you leave behind will be devastated, its not fair when so many people love you, even if you don't realize it. know that I love you and God loves you. I pray for every single one of you each night. I do. when I say my prayers, I pray that the people who read this blog, follow me on social media, helped me achieve this happiness I'm living now will find the same happiness in their lives. and I KNOW God will provide that for you.

happiness is easy to find if you realize what happiness is.

its not about being the prettiest, the skinniest, the most popular, the happiness is a choice you make everyday. even in my current state of living my dreams, I've had problems and headaches, everything from lawsuits to stalking but you know what, I don't let that get me down either.....I wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING and say Trish, you're up another day, thank the Lord for that by praying and doing something positive with it.





more information on suicide help

Toll-Free/24 hours a day/7 days a week


  1. TRISHA THIS IS A GOOD POST YOU HAVE A LARGE AUDIENCE YOU CAN REACH OUT TOO! I'D LOVE IF YOU SENT THEM TO MY CHANNEL FOR SELF HARM AND MENTAL ILLNESS SUPPORT @stopchasingclouds - I discuss these issues and how to recover and I think more people need to know that there is help here on youtube! I WOULD LOVE IF YOU HELPED ME SPREAD THE WORD! Twitter: @stopchasingclouds youtube@stopchasingclouds Tumblr @stopchasingclouds and @aloverstale

  2. Hi Trisha,
    I'm 18 and I can't remember a time when I wasn't struggling with depression and anxiety. Just today I cut again, the third time this month. I've been in my dorm all day and I saw your link to this post on twitter. This post made me cry! I can't thank you enough for it. You inspire me to get better.

  3. Stop it, u're ruining my mascara! <3 Im a fan from Norway, and Im struggling too... Sometimes people just need to be reminded things like this... I feel that in a world with twitter, youtube, instagram, facebook and so on, everybody is telling everyone that they're perfect're not! Sometimes it's just to much to deal with, and a I feel a lot of guilt for not beeing like everyone else...

    Thank u for sharing Trisha! <3

  4. I stopped cutting a few months ago. I've taken up yoga, exercise, and running, and I love it. You may act like an airhead on YouTube, but you're actually a really good person. You should let that out more. :) That was a compliment, I promise! xD <3

  5. Such a meaningful post and very, very true. So glad the girls mentioned and yourself have been able to overcome these dark times!

  6. Awesome post. I needed this to remind me of my past cuz I've been there with you. In the game for years. Drugs sex & money was my life for so long I got lost. But then I stopped only to start hurting myself. Now tho because of God & being blessed with a baby girl I'm finally on the right path with all that out of my life. I'm glad you took the time to try & help others out there who are still stuck with their demons. I feel the need to do the same now. Thank you for inspiring me to go out & help these girls out here who are stuck in the rut I took years to get out of. Much love to you Trish! Xoxo from Hawaii!

  7. Great post. Sometimes I look at my puppy and it helps me stop cutting. Im glad I have him. Sometimes his stare isnt enough. Your post made my eyes water and think maybe I didnt have a purpose when I was younger but now I do. My purpose is to make sure my puppy is loved and enjoys life

  8. I'm 28 years old and a cutter. I say that present tense but actually I haven't in years, but I don't like to say ex. Just seems weird because the scars are for life not like they go away. Anyways, in my lifetime there's always been a huge misconception about cutting, and being suicidal. It's completely different. 9 times out of 10 those of us self harming don't want to die, we're probably more afraid of it than most. We just have a disconnect in the coping mechanism. But actually I think a lot of us "self harm" more than we realize, because it doesn't always have to mean you're cutting your skin and bleeding or trying to commit suicide or something like that. Self harm can be anything that you're purposely but detrimentally doing to yourself, take succumbing to sex with a person you don't love, don't really like for example. Isn't that self harm as well? Because you're putting your emotional self through something to cope with something, no? Or people who are addicted to drugs, usually it was purposely sought out (excluding those accidental addictions like from pain killers from a legit source of pain) to help. People who do meth or cocaine etc aren't doing those for any legit reason other than to escape. Same for drinking, putting oneself in danger on purpose, etc.

    I don't know what even made me stop though. I think it just came with age. I don't really know how to cope with things even now, but cutting suddenly didn't seem the answer. I don't regret it or hate my body with my scars. Actually any self image complaints I have come from weight and not from scars. I could care less about those. And I had weight loss surgery, so I guess I just sort of woke up and smelled the flowers and decided to slowly but surely work on myself and not take things personally on myself anymore.

  9. Life is a teen and all i ever want to do is die. I seen your YouTube vid and i read most of this. Depression wont go away for me... im a freshman in boy highschool. Im bisexual.... everyone i trnd to like always rejects me....whether its on social media or in person...... just seems hopeless and endless. I honestly think i was put on this world to kill myself. I dont cut myself or anything. However the scars in my heart run deep..... its hard going to school with conceited people. I feel lost. Sometimes i cant look myself in the mirror and when i do, i wanns cry. Im not perfect like everyone else....i hate how i look, i hate my size, i hate my lips, even the color of my skin. Somrtimes its easier to see why people rejected me. Nothing helps. Im sensitive and emotionally unstable ig. You could say i have scars in my heart and my brain... im not trying to say ur blog or video wasnt helpful. It just wont help me. Im forever alone in a world of people who could care less. I wish i looked how i wanted and got what i wanted. Honestly. ..i wont have a better future and life isnt gonna get better...for me i just not one of those lucky people.

    1. Sorry for spelling things wrong. I hope you still get ehst i mean...