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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sex and the Single Girl

hi all. so its saturday night and I just got paid...but not laid. lol

okay so lets talk sex.

casual sex can be fun but it loses its appeal after awhile, right??? I mean I've been single for almost 18 months now (omg a YEAR AND A HALF?!?!?) but obvi, I'm a 25 year old girl with needs and well, lets face it, my acrylic nails are not the best for a party of one playtime ;) 

anyway. I've been having this fling with this hotttt guy but he's kind of an asshole (amazing sex but whatever) how much do we really let guys get away with for amazing sex? for me, its ALOT. I put up with alot of shit because its SO hard for me to find someone I'm sexually attracted to and compatible with. like I'm actually VERY pick when it comes to sex. I don't have sex with anybody that doesn't give me butterflies. I'm not talking the "I'm in love with you lets get married" butterflies but more of the "I can't wait to rip off your clothes" butterflies (but honesty time, its usually a little bit of both for me)

I am a VERY emotional and easily attached person. if I like somebody, I LIIIIIIIIKE them. you know? I find myself getting attached to guys WAY too easily when I know its just a fling or whatever. so what do we do, single ladies of legal age?

well for me, I think I figured this out....

this gentlemen is about twice my age (which I find INCREDIBLY hot and naughty ;)), the fact that he's older than my dad is just RAWR, I'm a freak, but whatever. you knew that ;) but the problem with MOST older men/younger chix relationship is they see you as just fun, just a piece of ass....

now you have 2 options when you come to the realization you're just a toy....

1) cut it off cold. don't get hurt anymore than you already have (chances are YOU really liked him and thought it could be serious, he just didn't)


2) keep going with it BUT detaching completely. easier said than done but here's the trick....

to detach your emotions to a guy you thought were in love with but realized it was just lust can be more simple than you think; 

KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN - cause lets face it, amazing sex is better than no sex, am I right? you don't want to be super slutty because that's just bad for your health (multiple partners increases your risk of disease, condoms or no condoms) BUT don't shut out potential daters. if you find yourself going on dates and wanting to get to that level of being intimate DUMP YOUR FLING FIRST. nothing is worse than banging all these guys at messes with your head, heart and body.....its no good for YOU! take it from a former super slut, this will only end up hurting your soul in the end.

DON'T CANCEL PLANS FOR HIM - oh girl, let me tell you, I use to wait by the phone all hours of the day and night hoping to get a text from loverboy. I would not go out with girlfriends, cancel shoots, and all this other crazy stuff in hopes that he might call and want to hook up. BIG MISTAKE. this leads you to feeling rejected and irritated when he doesn't call. you'll find yourself stalking his twitter, finding out he was at a bar last saturday night and you drunk texting him calling him terrible names. don't do this to yourself. go out and have fun. if he really wants to keep getting your goodies, he will just have to make plans with you like everybody else 

AVOID HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA - don't facebook friend him or follow him on instagram. chances are you may read way too into something that may or may not actually be there. the less you know about your fling's personal and professional life the better. keep it simple, keep it safe. 

oh single ladies, its not easy for us is it? society and dating has become this whole other monster really. all guys want is ass and girls want it too, but why can't we get the cuddling with it? and if you want a real committed relationship in LA or really any major city, good luck sister. haha. if I'm not in a serious relationship by this time next year, I'm moving to Alaska to find me a fisherman (plus I hear the male to female ratio up there is INSANELY in our favor ;))

hope this late night, wine-induced rambling was helpful to some....or at least entertaining. editing my life away on tomorrow's video....working on a saturday night, yep, I'm definitely an adult, a boring old adult. yay!




  1. Trisha I love you so much. You are like my role model. I'm only 15 but I love how open you are about everything. Goodnight beautiful ��

  2. Trish, I live in Alaska and I totally met my husband up here. :) Buut the girls up here are not like you and I. LOL I lived in Central California before I moved up here...I miss the sunshine!! You should totally come visit though...its beautiful!

  3. Trisha... i don't think that's a good idea to 'keep it simple'... what if your loverboy is involved in some important circles that eventually you may be involved somehow later in your life, then you will be recognised as 'the w***e' who used to sleep with X... i don't know if you understand what i'm trying to say... i mean, guys can't be silent about this thing whatever age they are... maybe he will tell a friend and that friend to another and so you know... if you will have some business with that men later they will se you as nothing but a girl who used to sleep with X. And also... what if that guy has a wife,kids...a family? I think you should make sure who he is and if he has a family first before you make something with someone...especially because you like older men. Be careful Fishy...don't be a home wrecker. That's just my opinion. Kisses

  4. Hey Trish, I adore you quick question. I've always been really shy my parents are super religious and believe in abstinence until marriage but I totally don't! I am 20 and a virgin, an unhappy one. I've never been in a relationship, and I never get hit on by guys when I go out. I don't know what it is about me. I used to be super curvy and I lost a lot of weight to try and get guys' attention but that never worked.. I'm still not confident and I think that might be a big part of it. Any tips? :(

  5. Trishhhaaa I love you. Your my rolemodel

  6. Trish, on your YouTube videos you claim to have had a wild past, but say that religion has transformed you. Okay, fine. I thought you said that you were celibate and were saving sex until marriage?

  7. Trish Question do you have your fans confused? I am looking you see who you are i Think your all over the place i am a single man and that went trough a ten year Relation only 28 if you think it all about age there more to life than that.going
    nobody is perfect in life.and i was the same all over the place but now restarting all over again and i would say call me if i really knew you #media #truth

  8. ola sou sua fa gostaria que seguise meu blog kiss

  9. this was like reading about my exact situation, so crazy, its really helped get my head round what I'm going to do now though

  10. Wish I would have seen this sooner, but glad I did now, tots coming to your blogspot all the time now, thanx trish.

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