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Monday, May 20, 2013

inner beauty vs outer beauty

lets just talk about beauty for a minute shall we?

what makes a person beautiful??? is there one person who could be defined as universally beautiful???

here's the thing, beauty TRULY is in the eye of the beholder because we all perceive this world so differently, therefor our perception of "beauty" is always going to be different.

believe it or not, not every male in the world finds Kate Upton attractive nor does every female in the world find Channing Tatum sexy. tis a true fact.

its not just physical either. while some guys prefer skinny girls, others may prefer someone thick, some even like obsese girls visually to look at. some are ass men while others need a good pair of big tits. guys prefer tomboys and others prefer girly girls. some like blondes, some like brunettes....slutty, conservative, smart, dumb, tan, black, asian, white, the list goes on and on and on in regards to a person's physical preference. same thing can go the other way in regards to what girls like about guys....older men, younger, rich, poor, hairy, waxed, metrosexual, butch, short, get the picture.......


inner beauty is ALWAYS going to trump outer beauty.

because you can't change a person's physical taste. if a guy likes leggy, tall, thin supermodels, I'm not his gal. never going to be his physical type, so why would I stress about it? 

HOWEVER, a pretty face will always be trumped by a pretty soul.

let me explain....

a few years ago, I met this guy who is known for dating high profile victorias secret/high fashion models....the twigs, flat chested, chiseled face, dark hair, dark eyes, exotic, brazilian, sultry.....pretty much the opposite of what I am. I didn't really even bother to try and attempt to change for him because I was simply not his type. I found him attractive but it just wasn't going to be. I was not his "type"

well low and behold a few months after meeting him, he broke up with his flavor of the month and he asked me out on a date. I was confused. he would come into the place I worked once a week and we would chat but he would never flirt or give signs of finding me attractive. so when he asked me out on a date, I accepted, but was so skeptical. was this a joke? why did he want to date 5'3 tacky ass, trailer park, trish?

here's what I came to find out after we dated for 3 months. I asked him, I said, why me? he looked a little offended by the question but I was young and so he explained as he was about 18 years my senior.

this is what he told me and I'll never forget.... "you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life" and at the age I was at the time, I laughed and rejected the compliment as a sort of "yeah right" knowing who he had dated before me. he continued (the gist of it) "looking at you, you are textbook attractive. you are blonde and vibrant and aesthetically pleasing but your soul radiates so bright, that a light shines on you, that attracts men"

the light around you, attracts people to you.

YOUR SOUL RADIATES!!!!!! remember this.

if you are a good person, have a positive mind frame, and genuinely just want to love and give love in this world, that will SHINE through you. that is what you are going to RADIATE and the good people will just be drawn to you.

same thing is said for the opposite. if you only think about the negative things, you bully people, want to see others fail, fill your heart with could be Miss America and no one is going to want to be around you for very long.

I've been on all ends of this. I've dated the most gorgeous looking men on the outside only to find their light they radiate is dark and shadows the light in my life. I've dated guys who my own friends snark at because they're not physically someones type but I am drawn to them because of their light. all of a sudden, what may be "unattractive" to some can be attractive to you because you see the light. seeing a person's light they give off is a gift....sometimes not everyone can see the person's soul because of the distractions of our physical appearance.

know this. we all want to look and feel attractive....and do it! do what makes YOU feel attractive. but if someone doesn't find you attractive or calls you names based on your appearance, that's not someone you want in your life anyway. and if it was someone you were hoping to intimately connect with, someone better will come along who can appreciate your inner beauty which will be reflected on your outer beauty.

I may not be "universally beautiful". I'm not everyones "type" physically, I'm an acquired taste for most. HOWEVER, I will say I have had no shortage of proposals, both marriage and indecent, in my life. while some girls may think I'll never get a guy (that was me as a teen), let your soul radiate and you will find that you can attract anyone you want and anyone who is worthy.

be a good person. 

people have called me "beautiful" on my social media, people who have never met me....and I don't think its the hair or the makeup....I truly believe its because of what I stand for and what I believe in....which is YOU ARE GOOD. THE WORLD IS GOOD. I just try to inspire that to everyone on a daily basis. I care about people, I care about this human race. and thats what people are attracted to, thats what people want to be around. 

look in that mirror. who do you see? do you like what you see? make yourself happy first. and people will be attracted to you once you truly can live your life and love yourself :)



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  2. this is one of the most encouraging and inspiring things i've ever read, thanks for sharing it with us ♥

  3. Love you Trish :) very inspiring post! x

  4. yes true ,,,that was sweet.

  5. Amazing trish! So true ! Love you!

  6. You are such a great person Trish. Loved this blog. You're such an inspiration! ♥

  7. This is great, Trish. It made me smile and it's just what I needed to hear :) Thank you.

  8. Inner beauty for the win! Thank you for this, Trish! :)

  9. You are so inspiring to me Trish, every word that comes out of your mouth is just fabulous! There's nothing worse than a beauty on the outside/beast on the inside kinda person, and it's about time more people figured it out!
    Keep Smiling!

  10. Trish I love you your blog and your youtube videos! you are an inspiration and you've come such a long way! proud of you girl and please check out my blog just getting started and it would mean a lot!<3

  11. I love this so much and you are beyond amazing thats why I always watch all your videos you just have an amazing heart

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