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Sunday, May 26, 2013

girl on girl hate

happy sunday little fishiies!!! 

so I felt compelled to write this blog today because of a recent photo I posted on instagram (the above photo) I posted this on my personal instagram cause I felt pretty, I liked my dress, I've been happy with my body, and I wanted to share what I thought to be just a cute lil outfit before going out for the night.....

oh boy! was I sadly mistaken. 

it turned into a crusade. it really broke my heart. girls tearing other girls down in the comments of this one lil photo. skinny girls calling me fat and then calling the girls defending me "whales" "obese cunts" and "thunder thighs" and then the thicker girls retorting with remarks calling those girls names such as "anorexic" "sickly" "skeleton" "boy bodies" and "flat chests"

KEY WORD in all of this that BROKE MY HEART: GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why are girls doing this to each other??? 

I know as a female who has dealt with body issues her whole life, I for one, was always most insecure because I was worried that BOYS wouldn't like me. that I'd grow up and MEN would be the ones chastising me if I wasn't thin enough, pretty enough, etc.

in my 7 years as an adult, I never ONCE had a guy comment on my weight. and I've gone out with ALOT of guys and ALOT of them were jerks but not one has ever said, "you're not thin enough, trish" or "you shouldn't wear dresses like that"........ALL THAT has come from females. girls who have to deal with the same insecurities society sets upon us.

now I'm a 25 year old woman who takes ALOT of pictures of herself, implying that I'm somewhat of a narcissist, implying I'm in love with myself and in love with how I look. so I find these comments aimed at me to be humorous many of the times. people calling me unattractive or disgusting is something I can laugh at now knowing that my looks is what gave me a career as a model

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but its truly heartwrenching when these derogatory names are being thrown at innocent young girls who just want to post their own personal "i feel pretty" pictures when they are going out, only to be torn down by insecure people.

if I had instagram or any social media when I was in high school, I don't think I would've made it through. between 13-19, those are years girls will always feel a little uncomfortable about their physical appearance in someway. things are changing, bodies are forming, girls are talking, and magazines are flaunting.

here's the thing...

PEOPLE ARE MEAN. but mean people don't get far in life. they are spending all their time and energy trying to bring you down so they feel better about themselves. the best revenge is not name calling back but by moving forward and reaching your goals. eventually they'll see their words cannot hurt you and will not stop you.

you'll be succeeding while they are just miserable.

 people hate on you because there is something in you that they wish they had. for me, I think people can't stand the fact that I'm so confident. that I literally just don't give a single fuck what anyone thinks about me....and those who can't find their own confidence, have to try and tear mine down (good luck trying to bring down the confidence of a narcissist) and I think we all should be a little narcissistic, as this world is cruel and people will try and tear you down for the rest of your life...."try" being the operative word.

maybe you're a super giving person, maybe you were blessed to have a wonderful family, maybe you are exceptionally attractive, maybe you were given opportunities others haven't....whatever the case is, you have something, they wish they did, and that is where the hate comes in.

my advice for the haters! you can change!!! you can change your situation!!!!

step 1) CUT THAT NEGATIVE SHIT OUT. calling someone ugly doesn't make you any prettier
step 2) instead of writing mean comments, write positive affirmations about yourself
step 3) don't criticize other people's goals, create your own
step 4) worrying about someone else's life, gives you no time to create a wonderful life yourself!


you can change the world by changing yourself. by making yourself a better person, you'll be making this whole world a better place.

and for all my curvy girls out there (I can only speak to you as I have never been anything other than curvy)

LOVE THAT BODY!!!!!!! if you walk around, owning every luscious lump and bodacious bumps, you'll attract all the right kind of attention! the word "fat" was created by people who wish they could have some extra junk in the trunk or a soft "s" shape when they walk.

us curvy girls can strut! us curvy girls provide warmth. and us curvy girls can cook. and us curvy girls really know how to fill out something as basic as a white wife beater tank ;) 

and again, this is no "anti skinny" its just what I know. my sister is naturally thin and she owns that. she owns the fact that she can sprint up our stairs and owns the fact that her thighs don't touch (I've always been envious of that) but I learned to love my sultry wiggle up the stairs and my thighs forming a cushioned heater for potential suitors hands ;) lol

physical beauty is awesome. we all want to feel attractive! however the most important thing I have always preached, is inner beauty. if you're not a good person, if you're soul is not happy, nobody is going to want to be around you! that's just the truth.

so focus on inner and once you KNOW all you have to offer to your friends, family, significant other, and the world, thats the secret to confidence. and confidence is the key to outer beauty! SHHHHH! don't tell anyone.




  1. So amazing trish! Ive been a big girl most of my life always been teased, been with the wrong men as they have just abused me verbally and other ways but now i have come around too realize that sulking around listening to the haters dont get you anywhere you need to walk with your head held high and love yourself for who you are cause someone out there is jealous of what you have xo love yea girl so insipring!

  2. I wish I could be as confident as you. I am curvy as well and I just can't embrace it. But I commend you for being that way! Maybe one day ill figure it out. Until then, keep your head up and ignore the haters. Its pure jealousy because you have something they want and are a beautiful woman. I personally would give ANYTHING to have your body! Xoxoxox

  3. Well Said Trishy....We Nee To Stop The Hate..We Are All Beautiful In GoDs Eyes

  4. I agree, I am Naturally Thin, I get called all sorts of Names and You know what Everyone was Made the way they are for a Good Reason Its apart Of your Purpose On Earth it's self

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  7. Your lovely Trish in everyway you Have a nice figure and a lovely women hate will be hate but love your positive here but please try and ignore the there doing cos they know it upsets you don't let them do it to you your better then that. You will always have more love then hate that's what you keep in your head people adore you more then hate I want to be your SIZE so bad keep strong and know that your loved. If you seen my body then you would have something to be upset about f**k the hate xxx

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  9. trish...i love reading your blogs and this One was of great importance to me as i too have found that people can be soo mean and seem to hate on the world...especially some women..... i too like yourself went out for a night out saturday and posted a pic of myself in my new dress.... and all i got was crtisism....and only from women.... it is definately hard to be a confident person when all people want to do is bring you down...however ... after reading your blog it has cofirmed to me that confidence is the key...and you must have it within youself ,not from people on social media :)

  10. This just made my day!
    I dealt with anorexia for most of my life. I'm at a healthy weight now though, and I am SO confident. Going through what I went through made me who I am today :)
    Thank you for inspiring so many young girls Trish... 90% of girls I know hate their bodies. It's so sad.
    OWN YOUR BODY GIRLS. Love your body. Who gives a shit about what other people think.. You can't please everyone so you might as well just be happy with yourself. Self love is the most amazing thing I've ever given to myself. My world has completely changed ever since I accepted who I am. Thanks again Trish for being such a good role model to young girls. You've definitely played a part in my self confidence.

  11. I saw their terrible comments! :( Broke my heart too!

  12. Trish you are amazing!! i watch your videos all the time, youre truely inspiring!!! ILOVEYOU!!! check out my blog

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  14. I love you and your outlook on life. Your such an inspiration. You help me become confident more and more everyday.

  15. Love this Trish you give girls hope thats one reason why I love you.

  16. Trish, you are absolutely gorgeous and some people are intimidated and even jealous because you are so confident about your body. Don't let them knock you down because at the end of the day you are still beautiful, inside and out. Don't change for anybody because you are absolutely perfect just the way you are. I may not agree with everything you do but I will always support you because I am a fishy. Love yah Trish and kissies :)

  17. Hi Trish!
    I'm Anna-Nathalie from Denmark, and I was just watching you on Dr. Phil. And I just want to say that we need more women/people like you! You a such a good roll model for being yourself, and I love the fact that you're not super skinny. We all have to love our selves as we are, and "create" the best version of our selves. And people are just stupid to hate. I'm personally struggling with some self esteem issues at the moment, but I'm not hating on others, cause I don't wanna hurt them, and I really don't get we some people hate. And karma will bite your ass, that's just a fact! :D But people like you make me wanna be myself. Anyway that's what'll work the best for all of us. You are cool, beautiful and a big inspiration! :D

  18. Hi Trisha,

    Just wanted to so I LOVE THIS POST. <3 TY! :)

  19. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    Trish I just LOVE YOU!!!
    You are such a beautiful and happy person, I love watching your videos,
    you always put me in a good mood! I hope someday I can meet you in person
    and maybe even WORK ON YOUR PRETTY FACE (✿◠‿◠)

    I would love if you check out my MAKE UP work on my blog!

    Kisses ❤

  20. Totally agree Trish, and all the slut-shaming on your instagram is disgusting! So what if you want to show off your body, WHO CARES?? Girls should stick by each other, not tear each other apart! You're beautiful Trish, these girls are jealous and insecure!

  21. HI TRISHA!!!
    I just wanted to say that I completely agree with you!

    And I honestly think that you are just such an amazing personality and just so brave to put yourself out there (on blogspot, youtube, etc.)

    I really look up to you and you are just such an inspiration.

    Hope you can find the time to take a look at my own little blog. I just started and I'm really excited about it! I'm also thinking about posting videos on Youtube... We'll see :)

    My Blog:

  22. When is enough - enough? I agree. I can look at a woman and simply think, ok, not my thing but OK. We as women should already be on the trail of acceptance that not everything we like is ugly.

  23. Trish thanks so much for making my day. To be perfectly honest I would absolutely do anything in this world to look like you and to have the self confidence you have. Thanks for sharing a huge part of your life with us. I adore you!! HUGS

  24. You are such an inspiration. You are so confident, bubbly, and super pretty. I actually never watch peoples youtube blogs but your channel and/or your blog is always fun to read and makes me feel better every time. Plus, your super funny! Keep being spiffy chicka! Also, I wanted to send you a message on facebook or a tweet but I couldn't find how to do it. Anyways, I was going to tell you I watch your video on repairing damaged it by the way...but I was gonna add that I just wrote an article on how to get thicker hair with herbal remedies that I have personally used. If you're interested of course...check it out! I would love to see what you think. The main herb I swear by that is a longevity herb that helps with getting thicker hair is He Shou Wu also called Fo Ti. My passion is learning about herbal medicine and natural remedies. Anyways, here is my post:

    Peace and Love Girl! Keep on being spiffy!

    Radical Rose :)

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