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Sunday, June 22, 2014

because I'm happy

happy Sunday my lovely lil angels from God.

I love you all. if no one has told you today that they love you, I'm telling you right now, I LOVE YOU. I love you because you made it to this earth by the grace of God, you are still on this earth and you are going to do amazing things in God's own image and make Him proud. I'm proud of you for making it this far in your life and by simply being in this world, YOU are making it a better place...

now let's talk happiness

today I had an epiphany. I'm happy

well actually I had this epiphany about a week ago when I was in the hospital

I was in the hospital getting all sorts of tests done and no one really telling me what was happening. when you're laying in the hospital, hooked up to an IV, heart rate monitors, and you're freezing, your mind starts to wander.

the first thought was, PLEASE let this nothing be serious. I do NOT want to die. and why don't I want to die? because I am so happy in this life

my life is so far from perfect. anyone who has followed this blog, my youtube channel, my journey, knows I'm in a constant battle with myself

I battle my weight

I battle in my relationships

I battle with mental struggles

I battle with career choices

I battle with life decisions in general

but none of that is a factor on my own happiness. and it's not on you. we all have struggles, struggles do not define you or your well you handle struggles do.

you can get up every morning and allow your struggles to hold you down and keep you in bed or you can choose to be happy and overcome all these obstacles

some battles you'll be fighting the rest of your life but if you are truly happy and CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, those battles will merely be a speed bump in this journey of life

I'm happy because I'm healthy

I'm happy because my family is always there for me and makes time for me

I'm happy because I have a job that doesn't feel like work at all

I'm happy because I have an amazing amount of support from people I've never met

I'm happy because I make a difference in people's lives by being myself

I'm happy because I have a roof over my head

I'm happy because I have legs that work to be able to walk

I'm happy because my faith in God strengthens everyday

I'm happy because I have friends who truly love me for me

I'm happy because my family is all still on this earth with me

I'm happy to be able to reach so many people

I'm happy because I get to entertain

I could go on and on and on of why I'm happy!!!!!!!!!! but I think you can see my point. there are 50000000 things to be happy about for every 1 struggle you face. focus on the happy and not the sad.

the happy is a choice that YOU CAN CONTROL

you may not be able to control life's struggles but you can control your happiness

choose to be happy today

choose to be happy every morning you wake up

and spread that happy :)))

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!! and other people out there in this world love you too or are waiting to love you

don't give up! keep going. and "be the change you want to see in the world" ;) 

peace and love my lil angels




  1. glad your feeling better and glad your happy. know i love you as well and i always will. still am concerned about you being in the hospital but know you will tell me in your own time. hope your day gets even better.

  2. Thanks so much for being the beautiful person you are, your videos genuinely entertain me and you make me feel better about myself and enjoy life no matter what struggle I'm battling.
    That's weird but I feel like I truly know you and you have an impact on my life in some way
    I'm not a crazy fan haha but I just ran into your post about happiness through your IG and read it while laying in bed ready to sleep)) and it touched me, it's probably the best thing I could read before sleep. And i decided to reply and thank you
    Hope you see it
    Thank you girl)��

  3. Can u please make another video on breakups?? On how to help getting over them ? I saw the old one and was wondering if u could make a new one? Thank you

  4. You are such an inspiration! I couldn't have needed this more �� you too Trisha

    1. Oops! I meant love you too Trisha

  5. Hi my names ryan im righting this comment due to the fact you've mentioned god and that you do believe in him and iv seen some of your videos your big one from the past when you spoke alot about it and thats the video called masturbation is evil and then I saw alot of people making youtube videos about that wich is unfair if they wish to say somthing they say it to you not make a video. So I wanted to hear your side because I am Catholic but I dont realy belive in god part of me dose the ither doesn't the part that dose is because every one needs to believe when time are hard and pray to god that things will get better but then part of me doesn't because where's the proof and I no the saying just because you cant see something doesn't mean it its not there but then I think if there is why dose he let good people get hurt then people say thats the devil but that sound like tge easy answer the easy way out. My problem with the video is you was pushing your believes on the viewer's a little bit and thats somthing they should find on there own the second problem was you saying that masturbation is evil when iv seen the way you are sometimes whereing next to nothing talking sexualy and there was a video where you did a unboxing of wemans self pleasureing kit that you stated I think that you said you have used or used somthing like it yet you say masturbation is evil and you belive in god and the other reson I dont belive in god is because im a science person I belive in science because if you ask someone wheres you proof god did all this they dont have a answer but if you ask a scientist they will show you how the earth was made how we evolved from aps. I dont belive masturbation is evil or wrong as scientists have shown it can help provent prostate cance wich means its good and healthy. Now I dont have any think against people that believe in god thats up to them if it makes them happy then thats fine I just wanted to say what I wanted to say and hear your side because of all the youtube videos.

  6. trisha I really want to thank you for living in this world. and I mean that. you are my inspiration EVERY DAY! please DON'T STOP MAKING VIDEOS on youtube. I don't know you at all, but still I can tell you: I love you! Isn't it crazy? every morning I wake up, no matter if I'm sad or happy, and I automatically open my laptop, click trisha paytas and watch your videos just to be happier. because YOU MAKE ME HAPPY. and don't stop doing this, please. with love, a 14 years old fan:)

  7. Trish, I love you so much. Like really. I feel like you're my bestfriend and I relate to so many things. You've inspired me so much, like really. love ya Trishyyy..
    XX Ps, where is your bikini from the 'bikini challenge' from?! It's adorbsss xx

  8. Im so glad your feeling more and more happy hunny, try and keep this mental state of mind. Sometimes its so hard to just be happy when all around you is darkness but your right, instead of focusing on that darkness focus on the love that is around you, family, friends, animals, GOD! I can honestly say since iv 'met' you my faith has got so much more stronger, and I pray for your happiness and you find someone thag loves you as muh as you do them. Thank you trish for you being you, you make the world a better place and touch so many peoples lives. Seriously I watch your videos and feel like I have found myself again. As iv struggled with my weight and im 5'11 iv neber felt I could be girlly or wear dresses and. Youv brought that out in me and I say thank you. I love you so much, yours truly your fishy xxxxx♡♥♡♥♡

  9. Hi, Trish!
    I am glad taht there are people like you on this earth! I am glad that you are here for us everyday when some people like me need you! And I know that my comment has nothing in common with your post,but I just wanted to thank you for being there for me and all the other people! I don't know who was going to be my ultimate favourite you tuber,but I want you to know that I wasn't going to be the same person I am now, but I am glad that you are on the planet. I LOVE YOU!

  10. Trish, you are so positive, inspirational, and gorgeous. I can't get enough of you. I posted a blog on my page about how much I love your channel and how great you are! I can't wait to read your book and share it with my followers! Glad you're feeling better!

  11. Trish, I absolutely adore you. I have been watching you for over a year now (over here in Canada) and, to paraphrase you m'love, I'm obsessed. You are beautiful and worthy of any and every success in your life. It would mean the world to me if you would check out my blog I just put up - Have a blessed and fabulous day beautiful lady <3

  12. Hey Trish! I love you're videos especially the ones on loving yourself and you're vlogs, you're beautiful and an inspiration! ^^
    Have a look at my blog if you have time^^

    Hope you have an amazing day and we all love you! ^^


  13. Trish I absolutely love your vlogs and blogs! I love how motivational your post is! I hope to motivate people through my blog also!

  14. Trish, I love this post, this was really nice to read. I am happy for you. I am finally learning to be happier and appreciate the little things, and I looved this post, seriously I don't get why people have a go at you for literally everything, I think you're such a nice person and I would really love to know you in real life.

    Have an awesome day :) xx

  15. Very positive post! Loving it.

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